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Alicia Cutaia and Russ Stark demonstrating a rigged harness act in Portland, Oregon. Alicia Cutaia performing for Fire Entertainer of the Year 2017.

"A mistaken movement is just a new creation." - Alicia Cutaia, Co-Director and Founder


Alicia Cutaia performing for Fire Entertainer of the Year 2017.

ARC in Movement, led by Alicia Cutaia and Russ Stark, is a unique combination of fire, dance, and aerial. You can hire them to perform, teach and / or create. Here is a moment captured during Alicia's performance for Fire Entertainer of the Year 2017.

Current Projects

Excited to perform at Dante's Sinferno Cabaret with these amazing performers! @acrobritt @jon.dutch @megnificentmissm @bijoubecca.

Dante's Sinferno Cabaret


Alicia Cutaia and Russ Stark working on a rigging performance together.

Happy New Year!! It amazing how fast 2018 went by! We are excited for the new year to come. Time to get in the studio and create new acts and rigging systems for the year to come!!! Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this year of change! We appreciate all of you!!

“A truly mesmerizing performance of flying grace & grounded strength, of masculine & feminine powers, of independence & unification. Their love, cooperation, professionalism, flexibilty & kindness bring The Joy of Life to any gathering."

— Jesster Canucklehead

“Alicia Cutaia and Russ Stark are performers of great skill and invention. Their art fuses classic partnering into a hybrid form of contemporary dance and urban circus. Cutaia's line is exquisite, her focus intense. Stark's performance smolders with a calm mastery. Together they ignite the imagination of their audience.”

— Jamey Hampton, Co-Artistic Director @ BodyVox

“It is an honor and a pleasure to work with Alicia Cutaia and Russ Stark. Alicia is fantastically energetic, and Russ is present and responsive. Both are consummate professionals, deeply knowledgeable in their fields, and regularly challenge and inspire their students towards greater artistry and skill.”

— Kari Jay Hunter, Circus Project Lead Coach

“I worked with Alicia in choreographing my latest aerial piece and she was integral to its success. She helped me open up into a new way of moving on the trapeze, rooted in dance, that was still authentic to my movement style. I absolutely recommend working with her if you want to break out of your own movement habits and go into a wild new limitless territory. She is a gifted teacher and act coach.”

— Jack StockLynn, (Sir Cupcake)

“Arc vibrantly And kindly helped me take my performances to a new level."

— Terra Zarra