ARC In Movement Logo
Alicia Cutaia and Russ Stark performing an aerial act for the Deschuttes Brewery on Halloween 2017.

Available to perform aerial harness acts locally, nationally, and internationally, combining various dance styles and aerial work to create unique performances. Russ Stark is also available for creative rigging.

Alicia Cutaia captured in her handcrafted fire tutu performing for 'Fire Entertainer of the Year' 2017.

ARC is available to perform fire dances (including fire safety) including a fire umbrella, hand and foot torches, fans, and a fire tutu. These performances can be done outside with flames or inside with LED lighting.

Alicia Cutaia glowing underneath a handcrafted LED umbrella for a performance.

ARC creates bold and creative acro-dance, commercial dance, and concert dance in ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, and tap. Performance available as a duo or as a female soloist.